We love kids!

We have Temple Kids up and running for your children during the Sunday morning service.  They join you for the opening worship in the auditorium and then are dismissed for their own time of Kids Worship with fun songs, stories from the Word and activities.

We are planning exciting things for your children!


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Love starts and ends with God. Love has always been the point of how God has interacted with the world. Since
the beginning of time, God’s love has always been on display. That’s why we chose love to kick off a year through
the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, God inspired writers of Scripture, whose works come together to tell God’s
Big Story. But God’s love isn’t just about what happened in history. God loves US today! And we have the chance
to share God’s love with others, right here and now. We know that God loved us first. God loved us enough to send
Jesus for us. In response, we can show how much we love God by loving others . . . and showing people how much
they matter to us.


This month’s theme song!


We were created in God’s image. God sent Jesus to seek & save the lost and be an example of the best way to be human. But God knew we’d need help. That’s why God sent us the Holy Spirit. With the power of the Spirit, we can produce fruit that points others
to Jesus. Every month, kids discover something about God’s character and how they can reflect or respond to that
character because they are created in God’s image.

August 14-18 Sunday-Thursday 6-8:30pm

K-6th grade



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