T H E C O N N E C T I O N B E T W E E N C O U R A G E A N D G O D ’ S C H A R A C T E R , A S S H O W N T H R O U G H G O D ’ S B I G
As we continue our journey through God’s Big Story, we take a closer look at the lives of significant people in the
Jewish Scriptures: Joshua and Caleb, David, Daniel, and Esther. Each of them trusted God and found courage to
face difficult circumstances. They also represent major time periods in Israel’s history—from entering the land of
Canaan, the United Kingdom, and Exile.
Like these people we read about in the Old Testament, God may ask us to take a risk or do something we might
not feel prepared to do. But God will also give us the courage we need to face that challenge. We can also look to
Jesus. He faced the biggest challenge of all: death on the cross. Still, He chose to be brave and follow God’s plan

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